Make Your Skin Glow

Make Your Skin Glow

There are several things a lady can do to get glowing, lovely skin.

1. Exfoliate regularly 

Exfoliation helps shed dead cells from the topmost layer of the skin, and clears out dirt, oil and clogged pores, giving you spotless glowing skin. Scrubbing regularly improves skin’s health with time and ensures a healthy glow too.

2. Use face oil every night

While you are dozing off, your skin is at work, healing and repairing itself. This is the best time to pamper your skin with the right face oil like Dekina Beauty Radiance Oil, so you wake up with fresh and glowing skin the next morning.

3. Vitamin C is Key

Antioxidants and citric acid help brighten your skin, lighten blemishes, boost collagen and add instant sheen to your skin. This is the reason Vitamin C is being used in a number of skincare products. Include Vitamin C in your meal plans in the form of fruit juices like orange juice, strawberry smoothie bowls or lemon water to get radiant and younger looking skin.

4. Take short showers

A glowing skin secret that is often overlooked by most of us is this: your shower time can really help in achieving healthy, radiant skin! Being in the shower for too long, and that too a hot one, is sure relaxing and is a great idea to unwind after a tiring day but it isn’t doing any good to your skin. 

5. Green tea to the rescue 

Green tea has many benefits when it comes to skin. Apart from getting rid of ageing signs, acne and other skin issues, it is also a tried and tested method to get glowing skin. Regular intake of green tea or applying it on the face can add a subtle glow to your skin. All you need to do is brew green tea leaves and add honey and lemon and drink every day. You can also use a DIY green tea mask or just rub the used green tea bags for 15 minutes on your face for a healthy glow.

6. Get a good night’s rest

You could try all the beauty tricks known to mankind and still end up with the same dull, lifeless skin, just because you are not getting enough sleep. Tired mind and body shows up on your skin and makes it appear rough and dull. The increased blood flow and collagen production all take place while you are getting your beauty sleep.

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